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Alison Marlow,
NAMHE Administrator,
42 Constance Road,
Tel: 01905 455125

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external examiners:

Database of external examiners

The database of external examiners is intended to help in the process of selecting externals by indicating who is currently working in this role and when their present agreements end. Of course, there are many other examiners that we do not know about. If you are an external examiner or potential external examiner and are willing for your name to go on the database please advise administrator@namhe.ac.uk stating:

  1. Your institution
  2. The institution(s) for which you are external
  3. The programme(s) on which you examine, and
  4. The duration of the appointment as external, or
  5. Simply state that you are not currently engaged

If you can persuade fellow members of staff who are external examiners in Music to do the same, then so much the better.