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Consultation on a replacement for the RAE post-2008


The NAMHE committee urgently needs members' views on what might replace the Research Assessment Exercise after 2008.

To help us construct a response, we'd appreciate comments from as many members as possible on the following questions (drawn from the DfES consultation document which can be accessed in full by clicking on the link below)

1. Which, if any, of the RAE 2008 panels might adopt a greater or wholly metrics-based approach?

2. Have we identified all the important metrics? Bearing in mind the need to avoid increasing the overall burden of data collection on institutions, are there other indicators that we should consider?

3. Which of the alternative models described in this chapter do you consider to be the most suitable for STEM subjects? Are there alternative models or refinements of these models that you would want to propose?

4. What, in your view, would be an appropriate and workable basis for assessing and funding research in non-STEM subjects?

5. What are the possible undesirable behavioural consequences of the different models and how might the effects be mitigated?

6. In principle, do you believe that a metrics-based approach for assessment or funding can be used across all institutions?

7. Should the funding bodies receive and consider institutions' research plans as part of the assessment process?

8. How important do you feel it is for there to continue to be an independent assessment of UK higher education research quality for benchmarking purposes? Are there other ways in which this could be accomplished?

Please send your comments either directly to the Chair (m.everist@soton.ac.uk) or contribute to the discussion via the NAHME mailing list.

For further information follow this link.

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