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Take the 20-minute survey on Transferable Skills!


One of the best selling-points we have in encouraging students to read for a music degree or other qualification is the value it has to a whole host of career paths - the notion of transferable skills is key. And yet, while there is significant research into the issue of transferable skills in general, there is very little into the transferable skills acquired as part of music study. On behalf of NAMHE, I am running a small project, funded by PALATINE, to begin to address this issue. Such a project seems important at this point for two reasons. Firstly, although we (probably) all believe we teach transferable skills, there is very little hard evidence that we do so (and that they are not acquired by students irrespective of what we do) and, where we do, there is no sense of what constitutes best practice. Secondly, as the vocational role of higher education comes under ever closer scrutiny, from everyone from funding agencies to parents of prospective students (seeing themselves as consumers of a product) it would seem wise for us as a community to have as much ammunition as possible as to the necessity to the nation of the presence of music in higher education.

As the second stage of the project, we are therefore contacting NAMHE representatives in member departments, asking whether you, your head of department, or a colleague of reasonable seniority, would spend twenty minutes or so in answering the questionnaire which you can find on link below.

The project only runs until the end of the calendar year, after which the results will be made available via NAMHE. A third stage of the project will involve visits to a small number of departments, where the responses to the questionnaire indicate this would be valuable.

Prof. Allan Moore
Dept. of Music & Sound Recording
University of Surrey

For further information follow this link.

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